Beyond Skyrim

My career change from management to artist wasn’t on a whim; like many who work in the industry, I was a veteran gamer first. Modding the big open-world RPGs was something I always went back to, a lifelong itch to get immersed in another world with all the innovations the modding community could offer. So when I was looking for an opportunity to build my portfolio, I knew I could finally give something back to that community. I first contributed a few pieces to projects Roscrea, Cyrodiil, and Atmora, where I was later offered the position of 3D department lead.

I spend most of my time offering advice and feedback, teaching workflows and techniques to less experienced volunteers, and coordinating the efforts of team members from all over the globe. Occasionally, I’m left with time to make something myself!

Please note that Skyrim is pre-PBR, and these assets are rendered in NifSkope, a fan-made file viewer that replicates Bethesda’s Gamebryo rendering environment.

3D Art Department Lead / 3D Artist
The Elder Scrolls V Modding Community
11/2018 to Present
Maya, Mudbox, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop

This is a unique weapon belonging to wolf cult of Roscrea. It was my first contrbution to Beyond Skyrim, and I wanted to make it a good one. The original concept was by John Sherill, but we felt that it was lacking something when realized in 3D, so I made an extensive detail pass and partial redesign. I'm honored that it was chosen to represent the month's progress on social media.

A totem statue belonging to Roscrea's wolf cult. There are four of these, each bearing a different engraving.

Skyrim's engine is from before PBR, so larger metallic objects use cubemaps for reflection. This piece is a valuable treasure as well as an insight into the mysterious past of the now-extinct Atmoran culture. It was especially challenging to evoke an ancient, unrefined art style while trying to tell a story that modern audiences can interpret.

Atmora was the homeland of the ancient Nords, and Roscrea is one place they settled. This ancient game, based on the real-life viking game Hnefatafl, has become one of my more signature contributions to the project. I'm producing game pieces and boards for both provinces.

These coins were created with a modular workflow of my own invention, though I may not be the first to do it. To save significant time that would've been spent sculpting each coin, I developed a Substance Designer graph that could turn 3-color greyscale images into 3D textures.

The original greyscale image for the coins. and the resulting material in Substance Designer.

I used a similar approach to create this trim sheet of carvings used on some Roscrean furniture. I created the image on the right in photoshop, and used my Substance Designer graph to turn it into a material.

Two landscape materials created for Atmora's frigid wastes, used on mountains and snowy plains. The mountain material is specifically designed to play nicely with Skyrim's projected snow shader.

Ancient, forgotten cloth, and the bark of an oak tree that froze from the inside out thousands of years ago.

Cold, bare wood, and the rough-hewn surface of Atmoran rock.