Red Stage Entertainment

I worked hard to make my university experience translate to professional experience by focusing on released team projects and a challenging internship. When it comes to true professional experience, though, Red Stage has been my first real job in the game industry.

I’ve been given every opportunity to develop and prove I am someone who is both technically and artistically minded, while contributing my leadership experience to building up my team. Aside from creating assets and visual effects, I’m trusted to choose our tools and workflows, teach other artists, and coordinate the efforts of all involved. I’m frequently challenged to learn new things and I couldn’t be happier.

Thus far with Red Stage, I’ve worked on two released mobile game projects, one vertical slice for a console title, and a future console release within the same I.P.

Unfortunately, the unreleased nature of our flagship project limits what I can show on this public portfolio, but I can provide more to prospective employers on request.

Lead 3D Artist / VFX Artist / Producer
6/2018 – Present
Maya, Mudbox, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop