Modular Environment Thesis

I did my bachelor’s thesis on how modular techniques are used in creating game environments. Topics covered were grid-based assets (of course), tiling textures, trim sheets, and various ways of avoiding a sense of repetition. This scene was made in only four days using the techniques I examined. These are screenshots from Unity’s scene editor, not beauty renders, so there is a little aliasing.

This asset kit consists of two floors, four walls, four ceilings, corner columns, supporting arches, and doors. Each was used at least twice in creating this corridor. It uses three 1k tiling textures, one 2k trim sheet, and about 20k triangles. With minimal work, the same kit could be expanded to create open rooms. As an aspiring environment artist, I’ll continue to refine my modular techniques in upcoming portfolio projects with more time invested.

You can find the thesis itself in the link to the right!

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
April 2018