3D Art & Animation

General portfolio for 3D projects. See captions for specifics!

The Flintlocktopus was created when I wanted to spread my wings a bit and put together everything I learned on smaller projects. It went through the full game asset process: High poly done in Maya, retopologized and unwrapped the result, baked AO and normals, some tweaks and fixes in photoshop, and 3d painted in Mudbox. This is at 21.5k triangles, not truly low poly, but it was intended for close up viewing and portfolio building. High poly was 140k.

Side view of the Flintlocktopus.

A turnaroud video of the Flintlocktopus.

A gothic style building. Modeled in Maya, textured in mudbox using free texture resources. Approximately 10k triangles. This was intended as a single piece and skills practice, so all features are one object with one 4k texture (except the windows).

Untextured weapon model requested for inclusion in a popular Fallout 4 overhaul mod.