Forge Wizard

My first 3D game, created as part of TAMK’s game academy program in spring 2017. Forge Wizard is a top-down 3D twin stick shooter, in which an apprentice wizard must regain control of his master’s home. Armed with only a few simple spells (game mechanics), the player has to run, dodge, dash, shoot, and collect his way through four wings of content, each with a thematic boss.

Created by myself and two programmers over a period of approximately 4 months. All visual elements, from colors to models to animations to particles, as well as most of the sound design and implementation, are my work. Learned on demand, as it was my first time creating 3D assets and working in a game engine. I also reached out to musicians and font creators for permission to use their material. One of only two games ready to release by the course deadline, out of many teams. Released on and Gamejolt.

Artist, Sound Designer
TAMK Game Academy
Spring 2017
Maya, Photoshop, Unity

Release trailer.

Cornered in the dark cellars wing.

Library wing level selection hub, with ghostly floating runes.

Surrounded in the kitchen wing, between the rails of enormous crushing cogs.

The demon sphere in the depths of the library wing.

The majority of the game environments use a single 2048x2048 texture atlas.

UI elements for player time trial ranks.